Academic Success


Program Description

LatinXcel is a dynamic program designed to create a strong sense of belonging, foster a supportive community, and promote academic, professional, and personal success among students of Hispanic and Latin American descent. By leveraging the power of community, “LatinXcel” seeks to equip students with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive during their college journey and beyond.

Academic Support
  • Support in crafting and adhering to individualized education plans;
  • Weekly seminars and workshops tailored to meet evolving needs;
  • Streamlined access to support services as representatives regularly participate in our weekly seminars and workshops;
  • Opportunities to connect with faculty, fostering closer relationships between faculty and students.
Professional Support
  • Networking opportunities with successful Hispanic/Latinx alumni;
  • Regularly receive notices for leadership and professional development opportunities;
  • Assistance in seeking and securing internships and mentorships for practical experience and guidance.
Personal Support
  • Frequent check-ins with program coordinator, receiving unique personal support
  • Series of both on and off-campus events aimed at building community and enhancing belonging.
  • Connections with mentors and alumni to foster community and inspiration.
Eligibility Requirements

To be considered an active member and be eligible to receive a certificate of completion and stole at graduation, the following criteria must be met:

  • Meet with the program coordinator at least once per semester;
  • Maintain at least a 2.7 GPA but strive to make it to the Dean’s List each semester;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to actively engage in the program throughout the duration of undergraduate studies at SU;
  • Participate as a mentee OR mentor in ANY mentorship opportunity approved by the program coordinator at least one semester during undergraduate studies;
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 scholarly activities, 2 professional development activities, 2 cultural events, and 2 social events per academic year and complete a brief reflection for each ( These must be organized by LatinXcel or approved by program coordinator ).

All SU undergraduate students who self-identify as Hispanic or of Latin American descent are encouraged to join!


Amalia Merino, Hispanic Student Success Coordinator
Phone (512)863-1820
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