Forms You Should Know About

Change Of Advisor And Major

To officially change your advisor and or major, you must fill out the Change of Advisor form . Your new advisor must sign this form before you submit it to the Office of the Registrar .

Change Of Registration (Drop/Add) Card

If you need to add, drop, or audit a course or change a course to pass/fail, fill out and turn in an Add/Drop Card located in the Office of the Registrar . Note: Be aware of the deadline to drop a course – don’t wait for the last day to fill out this form. Remember, you need to get signatures from the instructor(s) and your advisor.

Petition To Drop A Course Late

A course may be dropped after the deadline only if the student has emergency circumstances. To drop a course after the deadline, the student needs to petition the Academic Standard Committee . Instructions on how to complete and submit a petition can be obtained through an Academic Success advisor.

Petition For Incomplete Grade

A student may request the grade of Incomplete only in cases of medical emergency or other emergencies beyond the student’s control. The grade of Incomplete may not be given for the sole reason of permitting additional time to complete the assigned course work. It is the responsibility of the student to fill out the Incomplete Grade form and give it to the instructor for approval. The instructor turns in the form to the Office of the Registrar when semester grades are submitted. Just a reminder – if the Incomplete grade has not been replaced by 5 pm exactly four weeks after the last day of classes, the grade becomes an “F.”

Permission To Transfer Courses To Southwestern Record

If you plan to transfer courses from another college or university, you need to fill out the Transfer Credit (Pre-)Approval form . This form must be filled out before you take the classes to guarantee that the credit will transfer. You must obtain the signature of the department chairperson for each course that you plan to take. You must also obtain the signature of your advisor. You may also need the Registrar’s signature if you have completed 60 or more hours or if you want credit for a General Education requirement.

Request For Student Leave Of Absence

To request a leave of absence, the student must make an appointment with the Academic Success Coordinator to discuss the student’s plans during the leave of absence. To qualify for the leave of absence, a student must be in good academic standing. The student can take a leave of absence to take advantage of an off-campus educational experience or for personal reasons such as medical or financial. The request for student leave of absence form must be submitted to the Center for Academic Success no later than one week prior to the beginning of the semester.

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