Pirate Card

Terms and Conditions

The Southwestern University Pirate Card identifies the cardholder as a student, faculty, staff or invited guest of the University. 

The following terms govern the use of the Pirate Card:

Convenience Fee For Online Deposits

A $1.00 convenience fee will be assessed for online deposits. Deposits are accepted with no convenience fee at the Business Office and campus fill stations.

Authorization for Use

The Southwestern University Pirate Card (“Pirate Card”) is the property of Southwestern University. The authorized holder of the Pirate Card is responsible to follow the terms of use for the card. The Pirate Card shall not be loaned or otherwise transferred to another person. Any attempt to obtain or use, or to assist in obtaining or using, a Pirate Card for the purpose of fraud or in violation of these terms and conditions will result in disciplinary action.

Obligation To Report Lost Or Stolen Card

If a Pirate Card is lost or stolen it should be reported as soon as possible to the InfoDesk. The cardholder is responsible for any and all use of the lost or stolen card. Upon being reported, the card will be deactivated and replaced. A replacement fee of $20 will be assessed for each replacement card.

Worn Or Damaged Card

The Pirate Card is designed to last approximately four years with normal use and care. If your Pirate Card ceases to function due to normal wear it can be replaced at no cost to the cardholder. However, if the card is damaged through misuse or neglect a replacement fee of $20 will be charged. The Pirate Card Office staff will be the sole judge of determining if a card is damaged through normal wear and tear or damaged through misuse.

Periodic Statements And Account Balances

The cardholder is responsible for monitoring account transaction activity and immediately reporting any errors or concerns to the Pirate Card Office. The cardholder may view their transaction history via their Pirate Card Account. The cardholder may view their account balance on any receipt paid for with their Pirate Card.


Types Of Debit Balances Used With The Pirate Card

A cardholder may have two distinct debit accounts on their Pirate Card: Pirate Buc$ and Bookstore Voucher.

All cardholders have a Pirate Buc$ account which may be activated by depositing funds into the account via the website, at the Pirate Card Office, Business Office or an automated card management machines (located in the McCombs Center and the Library). Pirate Buc$ can be used at any location on campus which accepts the Pirate Card, including the Commons, Cove, Korouva Milk Bar, Library coffee shop, Bookstore, vending, laundry, photocopiers, and payment of library fines. Pirate Buc$ will carry over from semester to semester. Partial or complete withdrawals of funds from the Pirate Buc$ account are available only when the student withdraws from the University.

Students that are expecting a credit balance after all financial aid has been applied are eligible to participate in the Bookstore Voucher program. In conjunction with Pirate Buc$ on your I.D. card, students have a Bookstore Voucher account. Request a bookstore voucher at the Business Office. The voucher monies will be credited to your Bookstore Voucher account and held electronically on your I.D. card. You will be able to go to the bookstore with your I.D. to purchase textbooks and school supplies and the purchase will be deducted from your account. This program is active starting 3 weeks before the first day of class in the fall and spring terms. The program ends 2 weeks after the first day of classes at which time the balance left on your Bookstore Voucher account will be refunded back to your student account.

Inactive Account Charges

If an account with a positive balance has no activity for a period of 365 days or more, the account will be classified as inactive and a monthly inactive account maintenance fee of $5 will be assessed against the account until the account is returned to active status or the account balance reaches $0.

No Interest Earned On Account

No interest or other earnings will be paid to the cardholder or credited to the Pirate Card accounts by Southwestern University.

Refund Account Balance

Upon graduation Pirate Buc$ balances over $10 will be credited to Student Accounts. Graduating students with balances under $10 may get a cash refund from the Business Office during the last week of school. All other refunds are available by written request to the Pirate Card Office when your relationship with the University is ended (e.g. withdrawal, expulsion, leaving employment, etc.).

Right To Alter Terms And Conditions

Southwestern University reserves the right to alter any term or condition contained herein. A current version of this agreement is available on this webpage or upon request from the Pirate Card Office.