University Events Office

University Calendar Scheduling Guidelines

All academic scheduling (classes, labs, etc.) is handled by the Registrar’s Office and takes precedence in event scheduling and facilities usage. No events involving students are to be scheduled during periods designated “final examinations.” Meetings involving faculty may be scheduled during the period from the beginning of final examinations through the deadline for semester grades only if there is urgent semester-end business to be transacted. Exceptions to these restrictions must be approved in advance by the provost.

Requests for event space should not be made if the event coincides with the University’s Priority Events because space availability and the attention of supporting departments must be placed on the Priority Event. Priority Events are those events to which no student, faculty, or staff member may be denied the opportunity to attend because of a conflicting meeting or event. They include:

  • All Chapel Services (including Candlelight Services)
  • All Homecoming Activities
  • Family Days
  • Parent Orientation
  • The Brown Symposium
  • Commencement and other special convocations (Matriculation and Honors Convocation)
  • Study Days and Final Examinations
  • Town Meetings
  • Shilling Lecture Series
  • Writer’s Voice

Anyone reserving University facilities must adhere to the policies of the University. Building policies are available on the web. Individuals/groups not adhering to building policies can be denied future access to facilities and held financially responsible for damage.

All requests for space and services should be made with regard to the following timeline: requests for a single room or facility should be made at least 5 working days prior to the event; requests for multiple spaces or any services such as audiovisual, catering and furnishings should be made at least 10 working days prior to the event.