Majoring & Minoring

Bachelor of Music in Literature

The Music Literature concentration is intended as preparation for students who wish to go on to graduate study in musicology. SU offers courses in the history and literature of music of the West, from the Medieval period to the present. Courses are also offered in world music, music in the United States, and keyboard and vocal literature, as well as special topics.

Major in Music Literature: 81 credits in the major area
  • Six semesters of MUL80-100 Recital Attendance (four semesters for transfer students)
  • MUL80-114 Music Literature I
  • MUL80-214 Music Literature II
  • MUL80-314 Music Literature III
  • MUL80-414 Music Literature IV
  • 12 credits from:
    • MUL80-424 Medieval and Renaissance Music
    • MUL80-434 Baroque Music
    • MUL80-444 Classical and Romantic Music
    • MUL80-454 20th-Century Music
  • Four additional credits from:
    • MUL80-124 World Music
    • MUL80-134 Music in the United States
  • MUL 80-953 Independent Study (Capstone)
  • MUT76-111 Solfege/Ear Training I
  • MUT76-113 Music Theory I: Harmony in Practice
  • MUT76-211 Solfege/Ear Training II
  • MUT76-213 Music Theory II: Form and Analysis
  • MUT76-311 Solfege/Ear Training III
  • MUT76-313 Music Theory III: Counterpoint
  • MUT76-413 Music Theory IV: 20th-Century Music
  • MUE77-603 Choral Conducting or MUE77-613 Instrumental Conducting
  • Eight semesters of ensemble, selected among the following:
    • ENS78-101/201 Southwestern University Wind Ensemble
    • ENS78-111/211 Southwestern University Jazz Band
    • ENS78-121/221 Southwestern University Singers
    • ENS78-131/231 Southwestern University Chorale
    • ENS78-141/241 Opera Theatre
    • ENS78-171/271 Southwestern University Orchestra
  • 16 credits of APM8x-00x/8x-20x (principal instrument)
  • Four credits of APM8x-00x/8x-20x (secondary instrument*)

*Fulfilled by Piano for all students except those whose principal instrument is Piano.

Note: Music Literature majors must enroll in applied piano lessons every semester until the Keyboard Proficiency Exam is passed.

Additional Requirements for the Major in Music Literature: Successful completion of the Keyboard Proficiency Examination; successful completion of the Sophomore Barrier Examination; successful completion of a jury at the end of each semester of enrollment at Southwestern; and successful completion of a capstone experience.