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Mosaic Meetups

Looking for in-person opportunities to meet people? Want to feel more connected to campus? Learn more about Mosaic Meetups!


What is Mosaic Meetups?

Mosaic Meetups is an in-person, weekly program that meets throughout the semester for a series of workshops and activities designed for First-Years to learn about a wide array of campus resources, meet their peers, and form a strong connection to the SU community!

Following the Mosaic approach — Engage. Reflect. Articulate. — Meetups encourages students to find ways to engage on campus, in the community, with their peers, and to be mindful about how these experiences shape their academic and personal lives

Who Should Join Mosaic Meetups?

All First-Year students are bound to benefit from joining Mosaic Meetups! Whether you are feeling disconnected from campus, want to meet more people, or are just eager to engage in opportunities on campus, Mosaic Meetups is for you. 


Keep an eye out or our application in the Fall!