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Membership, Opportunity, Self-Awareness, Adventure, Inclusion, and Community


Lee Roche

Lee Roche

MOSAIC Coordinator

Lee Roche

Lee Roche

MOSAIC Coordinator

Mosaic Ambassadors Fall 2023, photographed by Todd White

MOSAIC is a unique two-year program that embraces a “choose your own adventure” experience. Like mosaics — works of art made up of individual pieces — your time at Southwestern is a collection of unique experiences. Every experience outside of the classroom is an opportunity to shape your own MOSAIC.

Engaging in the MOSAIC three-step program – Engage, Reflect, and Articulate – empowers you to document and delve into the significance of your out-of-classroom experiences. With a focus on purposeful involvement and moments of introspection, MOSAIC accompanies you throughout your path toward attaining a MOSAIC Certification that includes a MOSAIC LinkedIn badge and recognition at graduation.

  • MOSAIC seeks to inspire and empower Southwestern students to take charge of their college experience. The MOSAIC program offers flexibility so students can choose how they want to engage and spend their time. This freedom allows them to nurture their interests and passions while building critical skills for lifelong success. Every out-of-classroom experience counts toward receiving a MOSAIC Certification guided by MOSAIC’s six engagement areas–Membership, Opportunity, Self-Awareness, Adventure, Inclusion, and Community.

    See the menu of current engagement opportunities here.

    Students will be required to submit their experiences, track their progress, and access essential resources through the dedicated MOSAIC Google Classroom platform. This centralized space is a hub for managing and enhancing the MOSAIC journey.

  • Supporting Southwestern’s commitment to experiential learning, MOSAIC intentionally integrates mindful reflection into the program. Along the way to earning a MOSAIC Certification, students will explore the meaning and value of their experiences through semesterly personal reflections.

  • As a capstone to the MOSAIC program, students will complete the Make Your MOSAIC creative project. Students will showcase how they have engaged, what they have learned along the way, and how to use what they have learned in the future at the MOSAIC symposium and certificate ceremony taking place at the end of their journey. 

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To opt-in to MOSAIC, join our Google Classroom and complete the intake form.

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