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Intentionally Constructing Your Student Experience


Lisa Dela Cruz

Lisa Dela Cruz

Assistant Vice President for Student Life


Lisa Dela Cruz

Lisa Dela Cruz

Assistant Vice President for Student Life

Photo of Mosaic Ambassadors 2021-2022


Southwestern University supports learning wherever it takes place. You learn in the classroom, the laboratory, and the library, certainly, but also in the residence halls, in student organizations, in internships, in the dining hall, and in moments of conflict or of collaboration. Mosaic is Southwestern Student Life’s intentionally designed approach to these co-curricular experiences. 

Like mosaics — beautiful, unique pieces of art shaped and molded over time from a variety of materials — your experience in college is a collection of meaningful moments, relationships, learning, and development. Like any masterpiece, you are a work in progress.

The Mosaic approach encourages you to develop as a whole person. From the minute you join our community, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with experiences that align with your personal and professional growth objectives.  We intentionally create opportunities for you to:

  • engage mindfully in experiences outside of the classroom,
  • reflect on your experiences, and
  • articulate the value of those experiences to others.

You will be challenged and supported in five key areas of development through interactions with your peers, faculty and staff; participation in programs; and various other opportunities designed to support intentional growth to:

  • Make Meaning of the Academic Experience
  • Develop 21st-Century Skills
  • Shape Identity
  • Construct a Well-Managed Life
  • Contribute as a Global Citizen


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