Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

November 2022

  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics Noelle Sawyer gave an invited talk titled “Geodesic Currents and the Boundary at Infinity” in the Geometry Seminar at George Mason University on Monday, November 14th.

October 2022

  • On October 20th, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Noelle Sawyer was the speaker at the  University of Toronto’s Department of Mathematics Equity Forum in a talk she called “Abstracting  People out of Mathematics.” The goal of the Equity Forum is to create a space and time that  invites people to think about underserved students, marginalized colleagues, and postdocs, take  a serious look at the mathematical culture we promote and propagate to math majors, graduate  students, and colleagues. In particular, Sawyer spoke about how math culture and community are  harmful to us and the ways that we are still perpetuating the harm that was done to us. The  conversation focused on and reminded the audience that people will always be more important  than math.

September 2022

  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics Noelle Sawyer coauthored a paper titled “Unique Equilibrium States for Geodesic Flows on Flat Surfaces with Singularities” that has been accepted for publication by International Mathematics Research Notices.  The paper, written with Dave Constantine of Wesleyan University, Benjamin Call of the University of Illinois Chicago , Alena Erchenko of the University of Chicago , and Grace Work of the University of Illinois, is the result of three years of work that was partly sponsored by the American Institute of Mathematics.

April 2022

  • Professor of Mathematics Fumiko Futamura  gave a talk titled “Curious Invariants in Projective Geometry, and Where to Find them in Art and Music” at the Rice University Undergraduate Colloquium in Houston, Texas, on April 5. 

  • Members of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science attended the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America (Texas MAA), held March 31–April 2 at the University of North Texas, the first in-person Texas MAA meeting since 2019. 

    • Assistant Professor of Mathematics John Ross presented “An n-bubble Result on a Dense Number Line.” Ross also participated in the professional development program of the Texas New Experiences in Teaching (NExT), held in conjunction with the Texas MAA meeting. 
    • Associate Professor of Mathematics Therese Shelton presented “From Cars to Competition to Cholera: Math Models in Differential Equations.” As section representative to the national governing body, the MAA Congress, Shelton also led events at the executive committee meeting, the business meeting, and more.
    • Emily Thompson  ’22 presented “Using Neural Ordinary Differential Equations (NODEs) to Create Models of Complex Curves,” which was the result of her mathematics capstone from fall 2022, supervised by Shelton. 
    • Mel Richey ’23 and Kevan Kennedy ’24 attended the conference. 

December 2021

  • Professor and Garey Chair of Mathematics Alison Marr coauthored an article titled “D-Magic Oriented Graphs” that was published in a special edition of the journal Symmetry, Graph Labelings and Their Applications.” The paper was written with Rino Simanjuntak from the Bandung Institute of Technology.