Social Media Guide

Guidelines & Strategies

General Guidelines

The following provides guidance about existing policies, laws and regulations that extend to social media.

Follow applicable policies and procedures. Follow University policies procedures, rules, and regulations as they relate to you, your unit, and Southwestern University – you are responsible for what you post.

Do not share private or confidential information. Be respectful of and do not post confidential, private, personal, or proprietary information about Southwestern University, its students, alumni, employees, partners or affiliates. If you’re unsure about a post, don’t post it.

Be mindful of copyright. Be respectful of intellectual property and do not post copyrighted material. It’s good practice to link to content instead of reproducing it, or obtain permission before posting it.

Comply with the terms of service. Be mindful that many terms of service agreements of social platforms, websites, and applications grant the service broad license to redistribute posted content.


Southwestern University Guidelines

The following provides guidance on University procedures.

Share University news from the University. The University’s official flagship channels should be the first to announce University news. is the University’s official news source. The University’s official flagship channels are:

It’s good practice to link straight to information that is publicly available on the University’s official websites – such as – or repost from Southwestern University’s official flagship accounts. It’s the most effective and preferred way to help promote the University and ensure information is public, accurate and approved for dissemination. Support major announcements, but do not announce news that is not yours to announce.

Support incident management and Emergency Alert communications – accurately. In the event of an incident or Emergency Alert, University-affiliated accounts are advised to share related messages directly from the University’s official channels.

Do not share misinformation, rumor, or speculation.

Consult on media engagement. If your social media account receives a media inquiry, consult the Marketing and Communications Department prior to responding. Our policy requires that all media inquiries must first be directed to our office. Contact Andrew Felts,, who will assist that particular outlet and request.

Escalate serious issues. If you see something, say something. Contact the appropriate resource immediately if you identify indications of health, safety or security issues or become aware an individual may present a danger to themselves or others in the University community.

Office of Marketing and Communications

Southwestern University Police Department

Counseling Center

Information Technology Services

Let the University know about new accounts. Discuss accounts with your supervisor and/or your unit’s communications staff, and let the Office of Marketing and Communications know about new accounts by emailing Morgan Halley,