Hello! My name is Mia Figueroa and I am a rising sophomore. I am majoring in psychology pre-med but I love all of the fields of science.

I have always had a love for writing and reading. My favorite book as a child was the Lord of the Rings trilogy I could barely hold in my 4th-grade arms. I have always had a sense of exploration and imagination, and books and writing take me to places of endless adventures. Fantasy and sci-fi novels have always had a special place in my heart which has carried on to influence my adult life. Outside of this genre, however, I also enjoy medical and scientific literature. I have always cherished learning, obtaining information is an exhilarating avenue of possibilities. Deciphering terminology, anatomical structures, and scientific processes has always been a favorite of mine.

I began to write in middle school, and this is where I was often my happiest. Some of my favorite writing is creative writing. I have been doing creative writing as a hobby for over twelve years and hope to one day publish a novel that I am working on. I enjoy character creation and plot building. I pour my energy into the development of intricate stories of all genres, particularly romance. As apparent in my psychology major, I adore creating the thought processes specific to each of my characters.

Writing outside of a hobby can prove difficult. The writing process of academic papers can be very intimidating. As a perfectionist, I understand that sentence structures, grammar, and the flow of writing are all things that can make it seem impossible to know where to start. However, at the writing center, our aim is that we can make these tasks more manageable and build your confidence in writing. I believe that writing can be a vessel of personality, thoughts, and feelings. I hope that the writing center can cultivate your own voice where your important thoughts and feelings can shine through your work. I am excited to engage in academic discussions and be able to learn from your own writing talents. I look forward to meeting whoever might come for a consultation.