My name is Ashten. I am a Junior majoring in Psychology B.S. and minoring in Health Studies. Although I am a STEM consultant, I am also a writing consultant for other disciplines due to the structure of DEWS. I have taken a broad range of humanity courses that are writing intensive, so I’m very familiar with those types of essays.

I haven’t always been proficient in writing, and I’m aware of the struggles and anxiety towards creating a paper. In light of this, I found that because of my struggles, I have gained insight into breaking through writer’s block and finding motivation for a paper. Instead of overthinking every word on the page, it can be more of a creative process. This allows you to express yourself in the papers you write. Most of the time papers don’t happen all at once. You may need to sketch it out first, put some simple brush strokes down, knock out most of the big picture, and then go in with details to clean it up. In the end, writing is a creative process regardless of discipline.

In the writing center, my job is to give you the steps and guidance towards helping you create the best picture of your knowledge in a subject. No matter where you are in the writing process, I’m here to help! Who knows? Maybe, after a couple of visits writing could even start feeling fun.

Looking forward to seeing you in the center!