Hi! My name is Allie, and I’m a junior Biology major with a double minor in Spanish and health studies. I’ve always loved reading and writing since I was a kid. I love the ability to learn about different perspectives and worlds in different voices other than my own. I also enjoy the ability to convey my own stories and ideas through different writing outlets whether it’s a more formal academic paper or a creative story written in my free time.

Being primarily in STEM, I’ve felt anxious about trying to convey facts discovered through research in ways that are both professional as well as interesting for someone to read. It’s overwhelming at first to see all of the aspects of an academic paper and try to figure out where to start. However, I’ve discovered that writing these reports can be simpler than they seem at first glance when you break the report into parts and focus on reporting the results you’ve worked hard to find. I’ve also gotten the chance to take classes in English and environmental studies that have let me develop my voice in my writing and put together works I’m proud of. As a consultant, I want to help people feel more confident in their writing and realize that writing can be a great way to express themselves!