Hey! My name is Aleena and I am a senior this year. As an English major, writing has always felt like a second nature. I have always loved writing, ever since I was a little kid. I remember writing fictional stories on my Grandma’s computer about anything and everything. I was most definitely influenced by the Hunger Games and Divergent dystopian era, so that had an influence on my writing. Writing is truly how I love to express myself and my ideas. When I am not writing, you can catch me at the JEDI Center (shout out to them) or in the FAB practicing viola. Outside of academics I am a part of Muslims and Allies, the Asian Student Association and Alpha Phi Omega. In my free time I love to try new cuisines or catch a movie with friends (I love a good Marvel movie). So if you need someone to cheer you on as you traverse your writing journey, or to talk about the latest restaurants in Austin with, be sure to stop by!