Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a junior this year at Southwestern. I am a communication major with a double minor in business and political science. I also am a member of other organizations such as The SU Megaphone and AXID.

I think writing is a beautiful form of expression. I appreciate the art of writing in many forms as I consider myself both a cinephile and somewhat of a literarian. I’ve always used it as a way to be fully honest with myself and process my own thoughts and feelings. Part of me also has considered a career using that appreciation to create my own art. That being said, I consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to my own writing. If I feel it isn’t up to my own expectations I keep it hidden out of fear of criticism or rejection. It can be disheartening when you feel proud of something and someone picks it apart like it’s nothing. It’s been a struggle to work through my own issues with that, so I understand the hesitance of having a stranger read your work.

My job here is to help you communicate your voice in what you write. Think of me as an extension of yourself in this process. This is not a place of interrogation and judgment, and as a consultant I want to do whatever I can to help you feel comfortable and capable. Academic writing can be very subjective. It is difficult to know how to articulate your voice through the chaos of it all, but rest assured that the writing center will do our best to help you navigate through your college writing career. After all, at the end of the day we are also just students and we’re all experiencing this together.


Special Projects Coordinator and Consultant