Hey everyone! My name is Jasmyne and I’m a senior double majoring in Political Science and Spanish on a pre-law track.

For as long as I can remember, writing has always been something I have struggled with. As someone who is somewhat of a perfectionist, my struggle with the writing process brought about anxiety that would leave me dissatisfied with the work I produced. Stepping foot into Southwestern as a first-generation college student, I felt ‘behind’ compared to those around me. However, with the constant feedback and encouragement from my professors, I learned writing isn’t about perfection but rather about using your unique voice to deliver a message to the audience. Although I still struggle at times, this realization has allowed me to grow and develop confidence as a writer. My goal as a consultant is not only to help my peers find confidence in their writing but to learn from them as well!

Hope to see you soon!


Marketing Coordinator and Consultant