Hi, I’m Elanna! I am in my senior year and majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies. I have just recently made my return for my semester abroad. I spent Fall of 2021 in Morocco with the SIT program based there. My program was focused on human rights and multiculturalism, and through the program I got to meet local university professors to hear a diverse series of lectures to help us students learn more about the country and our place in the global world. The program had an emphasis on experience and hands-on learning, which led to meaningful moments of volunteering at NGOs and becoming fully immersed in the culture. Along with our class work, we also had wonderful host families that kept us well-fed on couscous and mint tea! I was able to embark on an academic adventure that took me to a new world and with complete strangers, and when I came back, I had created a second home and friendships for life.

Being so fresh from traveling, I have been right in the chaos of studying abroad in current times, which means I know tips and tricks on how to be flexible, resilient, and optimistic to overcome all the unknowns our world has. I hope I can provide some answers on how to best approach going abroad, what to possibly expect, and show my peers that study abroad is an achievable goal that every student has the potential to accomplish! Come by the Study Abroad Office to chat and learn more about the diverse options available to SU students.


Study Abroad Peer Mentor