I’m Mel and I am the Spanish writing consultant here at the DEWC. I am majoring in Math and minoring in Spanish. I am part of the Crochet Club formally called The 7 C’s and I am planning on joining other student organizations now that a lot of the COVID restrictions are being lifted!

As a student that deals mostly with computations and numbers, writing is not as much of a priority as I would like it to be, which was the main reason why I decided to become a writing consultant. However, I think that writing and mathematics have a lot more in common than people may initially think. Math can be considered its own language: it has its own structure and flow and each value needs to be explained thoroughly in order to be understood by others. The reason I say this is because many people that are STEM majors, myself included, become discouraged by their own writing because their strengths are related with numbers. My goal as a writing consultant is to make people feel that they are capable in their own skills and potential to be strong writers.

As I mention instilling confidence in people’s writing skills, I am also available to those who are writing papers in Spanish. I come from a family of native Spanish speakers and I love to help others understand the language that connects me closely to my own culture. As a Spanish tutor, I will focus mostly on understanding how to solidify the structure and flow of a paper, since I know that people that are just beginning to learn a language are very focused on grammar and vocabulary.


Spanish Consultant