Hi! I’m Elena and I am a senior English and Feminist Studies major. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to reading in an obsessively focused (and as I later learned, neurodivergent) manner. The quirky morality of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, the seemingly unending adventures in Animorphs, and the captivating intrigue of series by Rick Riordan, CS Lewis, and Christopher Paolini filled my elementary years. Eventually, I started spinning my own tales. 

Going into college I knew I wanted to pursue a degree that would represent my interests and keep me passionate. Considering my history, both of my writing-heavy and story-oriented majors appeal to this requirement. Despite my focus on personal passion, I’ve taken a myriad of other courses across the humanities – from psychology to sociology and anthropology – in order to expand my knowledge about other fields of study. I hope that by working as a writing consultant I can further enhance my experiences with writing by helping other people with their writing processes. Storytelling is rarely a solitary act, after all. 

When I’m not writing or consuming obscene amounts of literature, I love teaching myself languages (I’m currently working on my fluency in Spanish and am beginning Russian), going on barefoot walks, and playing with my cat, Gatsby.