Hi! My name is Lillian, and I am a junior, majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish.

I’ve always loved reading from a young age. My absolute favorite series is the Harry Potter series! I generally prefer fantasy and fiction books because I love escaping reality and visiting another world through books. Although I love reading, writing has been more difficult for me to truly be confident about because I tend to have a hard time starting a paper or I’ll be too focused on the details, trying to make each sentence “perfect”. However, I’ve realized that starting a paper shouldn’t be scary and is manageable if broken into smaller pieces. I want to help students realize and work through this also!

Being a biology major, I know writing in the sciences is different from other subjects and that it is intimidating to think that your lab report has to sound super sophisticated like in a scientific journal, but it’s more important to communicate the facts directly using your own voice. Something I like about scientific writing is that I think it has more structure than papers in other subjects because each section of a lab report, like the introduction or methods, is defined and needs to have specific information. This is great for students, like me, who have trouble starting a paper because they don’t know what to write about or struggle with organization.

Another aspect that allows me to appreciate writing is different languages. My parents are from Bulgaria, so I can speak Bulgarian, and although it’s not a very popular language, I love finding similarities in the words or phrases between other languages, like Spanish, and learning about different cultures! I love that writing is just another way to express yourself in any language, especially if you’re struggling to verbally communicate what you really want to say!

I look forward to working with and getting to know my peers through their writing, and I hope to instill in others joy and confidence in writing!



Consultant and STEM Specialist