Hi! My name is Megan and I’m a senior here at Southwestern, majoring in Psychology and Political Science.

Like many students, I used to—and still sometimes do—experience anxiety when it comes to the process of writing a paper in college. During those moments, I often remind myself that writing provides an opportunity to show and enhance my understanding of a subject. My favorite part about writing is getting to share my thoughts and ideas in a paper that clearly and cohesively conveys the exact message I am trying to get across. I see myself as a quiet introvert, and over time I have personally found that written communication has been the most effective method for expressing my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Historically, along those lines, writing has been a pathway for healing and personal growth. My hope is that I can help others discover the unique benefits of using writing as a way to express themselves. 

Wherever you may find yourself in the writing process, whether it be brainstorming a thesis statement or reviewing a final draft, I am always happy to help! When I’m not in the library or working on class assignments, you’ll likely find me walking around campus with my dog, Willow!