Joined Admission Staff
June 2021

San Ramon, California

What would be your advice to prospective students about the college search?
The admission process is half head and half heart. Ask the questions that will help you learn the information you need to make your decision while also trusting your gut instincts when it comes to your final choice. If you need anything, we are here to help along the way.

Why should students attend Southwestern?
The magic of a liberal-arts education is that you will have the flexibility to explore what fascinates you and see the world from multiple perspectives. College is your time to try new things, learn from people with different experiences, and to grow as a person both in and out of the classroom. Southwestern will prepare you for life after college and allow you to explore your many interests, some you may not even know you have yet! 

What are your favorite restaurants in Georgetown and why?
You can never go wrong with a good slice of pizza. 600 Degrees Pizzeria is close to campus and has pizza by the slice, wings, salad, and more, so there is something for everyone.

What is your favorite thing to do in Georgetown and why?
I really enjoy going to historic downtown Georgetown to get a bite to eat, a drink, or dessert! There are often events in the town square that draw both locals and visitors to enjoy.

What are your favorite restaurants in Austin and why?
One of my favorites is Cafe Blue, which has amazing fresh seafood and an incredible oyster bar.           

What is your favorite thing to do in Austin and why?
I am a huge window shopper and coffee shop dweller, and love people watching in big cities with no agenda. One of my favorite neighborhoods in Austin to wander is South Congress, where there are many unique boutiques and places to stop for an iced vanilla latte! 

What is your favorite SU fun fact?
There are a handful of cats that hang around campus. They are lovingly cared for by a group of students and faculty. They are often found basking in the sun on the grass near the admission office.

What is your favorite SU tradition?
There’s a longstanding superstition that students that step on the Southwestern seal in front of the chapel will not graduate in four years. I like this tradition because it is a collective understanding of the student body and a very well-respected tradition! Following a student’s graduation, some graduates will take a picture standing on the seal to celebrate with their diploma!

What is your favorite place on campus?
I enjoy strolling the Roy H. Cullen Academic Mall where the majority of the academic buildings can be found. There are hammocks hung between trees and adirondack chairs scattered throughout the area for students to study or hang out between classes. The midday buzz between classes is invigorating.

What are your hobbies?
In my spare time, my husband and I enjoy taking our dogs to the dog park and on adventures to new places. I love watching my pups experience new things and play! I also enjoy attending live performances, whether that is dance, theater, or music. I am always enthralled by the talent of others and greatly appreciate performing arts.  

What would your pirate name be?
Captain Cheddar Cheese. Anything with cheese I’m here for!

If you could have coffee in the Cove with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I would love to sit and talk with author Cheryl Strayed. In her memoir, Wild, she tells her story of independently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California, Oregon, and Washington state following the passing of her mother. Her perseverance, strength, and humor through her challenges inspire me.

When not at work, you can find me…
Trying a new restaurant, coffee shop, or browsing at a local business. I love new experiences and chatting with strangers. 

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?
I’d love to be able to stop time. Just imagine all that you could get done if you could just pause every once and awhile!

What advice would you give your college self?
I would tell my college self that your experience will be what you make it to be. No matter where you choose to attend college, you will have a multitude of ways to connect with your community, make new friends, and try new things, so whenever you can, take advantage of these chances. Trust your gut in making that college choice, and then dive headfirst into the experience once you get to campus!

What is your anthem?
My anthem is “Grow” by Andy Grammer. The song says “Love yourself and be kind, water your soul” and encourages us all to continue to grow no matter how old you get or where you are headed in life. 

Where is your favorite place in the world?
My favorite place is Cazadero, California, a small area of the redwood forest in Northern California. I grew up going to summer music camp there and it is a place I look back on with amazing memories of playing my violin amongst the incredible redwood trees.