Hello! My name is Haley Stuckey. I’m a senior here at SU majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Political Science. I studied abroad in the fall of my sophomore year (2018) with the SU Faculty-led London Program, and haven’t wanted to leave the study abroad world ever since! In addition to taking classes with Professor and Dr. Ross, we got to travel all over the U.K. with our class, as well as various parts of Europe over fall break. It was a lot of studying on trains and planes and buses, but completely worth it. One of my favorite parts about studying in London is that because there is so much history in the city, it allows opportunities for classes to take place outside of the classroom and in museums, parks, other neighborhoods, etc.  

I’ve worked in the Office of Study Abroad & International Student Services for almost a year as a Peer Mentor! If you have any questions about programs or deadlines, please contact me by email, stuckeyh@southwestern.edu or feel free to chat with me during Drop-In Advising via Google Meet!


Peer Mentor