Hey! My name is Nila (rhymes with vanilla) and I am a junior Instrumental Performance and Psychology major. I play the French Horn in the Southwestern Orchestra and Wind Ensemble and also work in the Health Education office on campus. 

I’ve always been the kind of person that was against rough drafts, and would dread assignments where I’d be forced to turn in writing I felt was unfinished in some way. However, as I’ve grown as a writer I have discovered the joys of outlining and drafting. Working at the DEWC for the past year has shown me how much of a difference a collaborative reviewing process can transform people’s writing. My main goal as a writing consultant is to help people become better writers and carry the tools they learn from me into other areas of their lives, whether that is sending an email to an employer, working on a capstone, or finishing that final class paper. I also hope to encourage people to look at their writing through different lenses to consider how their work relates to their discipline’s literature or even their personal writing repertoire. 

One of the reasons I love writing so much is because it creates a truly vulnerable space in which many underrepresented groups feel empowered to share experiences and perspectives. Oftentimes, these written spaces are the only areas where certain voices can be heard. The merging of disciplines that occurs when people write for social justice is something that is extremely affirming to people’s personal struggles and criticisms of current society. This is something I very strongly connect with on a personal level and find that this outlook helps me be more mindful in my writing. 

When I’m not writing, I like to cook, go geocaching, and hang out with my roommates or cats (both of which I have four of).