Hello! I am Jessica Workman, most people call me Jess. I am a Junior at Southwestern and I am pursuing a major in Business and Theatre!

I have wanted to be an actor since elementary school when I played “Granny” in the school’s production of The Gingerbread Man. That was where it all began. Since then I have been in dozens of plays and musicals and have loved every second of it. Upon arriving at Southwestern to attend the school of Fine Arts, I realized that I also wanted to begin some business classes. It took me a few semesters to come to truly enjoy the classes and to realize that “becoming an actor when I grew up” would probably not look the way I had thought, and that there are many opportunities that are available to me. 

The idea of being a production manager or helping to manage a theatre really started to appeal to me as I was taking more classes, and I realized how easy my majors could combine. 

Yet, as the world changes and things like pandemics happen, things change. The opportunities that were once available to me for internships and study abroad are gone for the time being. It has left me to think about what would bring me happiness and satisfaction in my career and future. This brought me to pursue the Debbie Ellis Writing Center Marketing Coordinator position and was lucky enough to receive it. I have a passion and talent for social media and marketing, as well as for people and communication. I am thrilled to be on the team and am looking forward to breaking new ground in this position!


Marketing Coordinator