Hey there! My name is Kaylee White, and I am a senior here at Southwestern. I am a Psychology major and Communication Studies minor. While I transferred here my junior year and am still a little new to the Southwestern campus, I am no stranger to the art of writing. Through my major and minor, I have experience in both academic and creative writing, and I love every aspect of the writing process. 

My affinity for writing began at a young age. I was an avid reader, which naturally led me to paper and pen. I still remember as a young 5th grader, I was so determined to write my own novel that I even made a whole outline for one. While that project may have been discarded, my love of writing has only blossomed since then.

Every paper I write, no matter the subject, I try to take a creative approach and allow myself to enjoy the process. Working as a consultant not only has helped me perfect my craft, it has also given me the opportunity to share my love and enthusiasm for writing with my fellow students. Sometimes, all it takes is just someone there to help the creative process flow. Sometimes, it takes a little more in-depth look at the writing and the purpose behind it. Whatever it takes, I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to share writing and life experiences with my fellow classmates!