Hello! I’m Bailey Barlow. I’m a sophomore, and I’m planning on double majoring in Spanish and International Studies. I’m a member of Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Phi Omega, and I’m also involved in a number of other different clubs on campus.

I’ve been writing pretty much since I was old enough to put pencil to paper. My mom read to me and my brother every night until long after we were able to read for ourselves, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t believe in the power of stories. I spent most of my childhood writing for fun, but my academic writing really picked up in high school. I liked the flexibility of essay assignments, because they leave room for personality and interpretation, and it’s that style of learning that drew me to a liberal arts education. Writing can be difficult sometimes, but it makes me feel like I’m engaging with the material and really taking part in my own education.

I’m also Southwestern’s Spanish tutor. Beginning this semester, I’ll be working out of the writing center, which will allow me to provide more effective feedback on the content and structure of Spanish assignments, beyond just grammar and vocabulary. As a writing center consultant, my goal is to help you get your thoughts out on paper in the best way possible, in Spanish or in English. I’ve always believed in the power of the written word, and I’m here to help you take control of that power.


Spanish Tutor and Consultant