I am a senior majoring in English and minoring in Studio Art, and I plan on exploring book editing and publishing after graduation! 

The arts have played an enormous role in my life as I have surrounded myself with more books than I can ever hope to read and more art supplies than I can ever hope to use. I have loved to read since elementary school where I started off with the legendary Magic Tree House and ventured into the daring escapades of Nancy Drew. I quickly developed the art of hiding books and flashlights under my mattress and striking a variety of sleeping poses on cue as bedtime became the enemy. 

My love of fantasy and dystopian fiction appeared alongside every middle schooler’s obsession with Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, and I vouch for every book involving dragons and a well-developed magic system. High school and college have taught me to read widely and expand the types of books I read into theoretical and sociological subjects, and I have learned countless lessons about how to be a better human because of them (though I stand by my dragons). 

I love the power and the beauty of words, how they influence our understanding of the world around us and offer windows into the minds of people we never would have otherwise met. Books have taught me many useful facts ranging from the difference between a catapult and a trebuchet to the pervasive power of discrimination and our responsibility to stand against it; I hope to contribute to the hordes of knowledge available within cracked spines and glowing screens through my work here at the DEWC and at a publishing house after graduation. If I can be of service to other writers who need a word of advice, a sounding board, or a bit of structure, I will have succeeded, so I look forward to working with you and discovering the most effective and gorgeous words to communicate your ideas!