Hi! My name is ThuyMi, and I am a senior. My areas of study are Business, Sociology, and Communication Studies. 

When I was young, I did a lot of creative writing. I grew up listening to my parents’ tales of war, escaping from Vietnam, living in refugee camps, and adjusting to life in America. Their stories conjured up vivid images of fishing boats crammed with people, of pirates, of danger and hardship; they taught me to be grateful for what I have in America. 

I wanted to be able to tell and write stories like my parents. However, I eventually realized that I could not do that. My parents’ stories are their own, influenced by their hardships and perseverance and therefore they are something I cannot replicate. Ever since that revelation, I started on a journey to create my own voice in my writing, one that is inspired by my past, but that is also filled with the discoveries of the present and the possibilities of the future. 

Academic writing is no different from creative writing or storytelling where you convey a message for the audience to learn. Keeping in mind the information and help Southwestern provides, I learned to be meticulous in my research and sincere in my messages for my papers. My goal as a consultant is to use and share my writing skills to help students, no matter what field of study, with conveying their messages in their voice.


Assistant Director and Consultant