Rico Self

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Rico Self was invited to deliver the prestigious LSU Geaux Rhetoric Speaker Series keynote, which commands a national audience, on March 10. Self followed in the illustrious footsteps of renowned communication studies scholars Ersula Ore, Steven Salaita, and Jo Hsu. His keynote discussed black womanist and feminist rhetoric of the J-Settes, a collegiate women’s dance line.

—April 2022

The Department of Communication Studies took the National Communication Association (NCA) 107th Annual Convention by storm the weekend before Thanksgiving in Seattle. Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Raquel Moreira, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Rico Self, and Professor of Communication Studies Valerie Renegar all presented research and participated in roundtable discussions on a variety of topics, including queer motherhood (Self), surveillance during transformative moments (Bahrainwala), comedy and social change (Renegar), and Cardi B (Moreira). In total, they participated in 12 different research presentations or discussions. 


The faculty members also formed the cheering section when Moreira won the 2021 Bonnie Ritter Outstanding Feminist Book Award from NCA’s Feminist and Gender Studies Division and Self won the 2021 Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. Because NCA is the largest professional organization for communication scholars, these presentations and awards designate an especially high level of achievement.


—December 2021

Assistant Professor Rico Self has earned the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender’s Cheris Kramarae Outstanding Dissertation Award for his work “Ties that Bind: Black Familyness and the Politics of Contingent Coalitions.” This brings Self’s awards for his dissertation up to four, and that’s not including the 2021 RSA Dissertation Award Honorable Mention he just received.

—August 2021

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Rico Self had a new essay published in the most recent version of Women’s Studies in Communication. “‘If You Cared about the People, You Would Have Cared about Me’: Constructing Black Trans Allyship in Chasing: Atlanta” draws on Self’s ongoing commitment to coalition building and trans communities.

—June 2021

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Rico Self won the Louisiana State University Department of Women and Gender Studies Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2020–2021. His dissertation, “Ties That Bind: Black Familyness and the Politics of Contingent Coalitions,” explores a range of Black coalitions from rhetorical, queer, and gender dimensions. 

—May 2021