Part-Time Assistant Professor of Classics Jeffrey Easton has had an article accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of the classics peer-reviewed journal Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte. The article, titled “Mostly Work and Some Play: The Roman Municipal Familia Publica as a ‘Professional Association,’” examines how groups of freed Roman slaves formed their own private associations as a response to their lack of access to the existing associative framework in their towns. This phenomenon is observed among the freedmen and freedwomen of many towns throughout Italy. Through these local organizations, members staged social activities and banquets, forged social and economic networks, managed funerary arrangements, and found a venue for meaningful interaction with their wider communities.

—November 2020

Part-Time Assistant Professor of Classics Jeffrey Easton has been invited to give a virtual talk to the Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies in Toronto in October on the economic migration patterns of subelite families under the Roman Empire.

—September 2020

Part-Time Assistant Professor of Classics Jeffrey Easton has recently had two articles accepted for publication. The first article, titled “The Elusive Libertina Nobilitas: A Case Study of Roman Municipal Freedmen in the Augustales,” will appear in the upcoming fall issue of the peer-reviewed journal Phoenix. Easton pushes back against some long-held assumptions about the process of social and economic mobility among the families of Roman ex-slaves by reassessing their participation in one of the most prestigious and profitable associations in Roman towns. 

His second upcoming publication, “Servi Empticiiand Manumission in the Roman Municipal Familia Publica,” will appear in conference transactions published in the Brill Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphyseries. Easton analyzes a rare inscription mentioning the sale of a Roman slave to understand more about the demographic impact of manumission as well as the experience of individual slaves and freed slaves in the Roman world.

—September 2020