My name is Jessica Price and I am a senior Education Major. I am getting my certification to teach English Language Arts at the 7th-12th grade levels. These next few semesters, I will be spending the majority of my time in high school classrooms learning how to help students grow their abilities in the language arts through teaching.

Reading and writing have always been important parts of my life. Books are powerful. They help us to develop our imagination and ability to empathize with others because they allow us to enter into perspectives that differ from our own. Reading is a choice that I believe is personal by nature. Our reading is an extension of ourselves and our willingness to devote time to change ourselves for the better. However, we all fall in and out of loving reading and it really is a journey I want to help others and myself continue to make.  

Writing is also an extension of ourselves that requires vulnerability. By coming to us at the writing center, you are making the choice to share a part of yourself with us and I will always honor that it takes courage. Throughout my time at Southwestern, I have struggled with sharing my writing and have recently come to the realization that so much of that comes from a willingness to put yourself out there. We are asked to write across disciplines that we are not familiar with and that process is very challenging. As a senior, I have experience writing for the majority of humanities classes but with a concentrated focus on English.