My areas of study are English Literature, Feminist Studies, and Chinese. I have taken three creative writing courses at my previous college: fiction, poetry, and digital storytelling. For our school’s newspaper I am a journalist and the Opinions Editor. My courses this semester consist of two upper-level Literature classes—literary theory and feminist literature—and Chinese III.

My experience with literature, reading, and applied analyses pretty much make up everything I do here on campus. I carve time out of my chaotic schedule to journal, write poetry, work on my fiction, and discover new ways to embrace art. I balance the objective and subjective throughout my studies and personal writings. As I continue my journey through higher education, I find that my writing evolves alongside my academic and creative endeavors.

 I think my love for reading came when I read my first manga in elementary school (it was Fruits Basket). I grew up listening to music ranging from Demon Days by Gorillaz to Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails. I fell in love with science fiction and fantasy at an early age. Fun fact: I got the Jedi insignia tattooed on my shoulder blade when I was 18. It is safe to say that SF is what sparked my desire to write.

I specialize in constructing and defending relevant arguments, and I consider syntax and formatting when I aim to reflect uniqueness in my work. I believe that understanding my audience is key to sharing my thoughts in an appropriate and accessible way. I also know how fleeting the artistic inspiration is, and I want to work with you to discover ways of understanding and overcoming writer’s block. Whatever kind of help you need with writing, I’m excited to discover the solution together.