My name is Erin Flessner, and I am a junior here at Southwestern University studying English and Sociology. From an early age, I was surrounded by reading and an appreciation for creative expression through literature. Being exposed to a wide variety of genres and writing styles from a young age, including To Kill A Mockingbird and All the Light We Cannot See, acts as a constant reminder that there is always room to grow and improve your skills. This love for reading ultimately propelled me into my passion for writing as well, where I yearned for literature-focused classes during middle and high school, continuing through my time here at Southwestern. 

Although the bulk of my personal reading is fictional, my academic relationship with writing in particular tends to be research and response papers centered within the Humanities. Since being at Southwestern, I have realized how different disciplines both diverge and converge, which has grown my immense respect for writing in disciplines I am not as familiar or comfortable with. The emphasis on recognizing these connections has been integral to reaping all the benefits that a well-rounded education has offered me.

As someone who enjoys the entire writing process, I have recognized the importance of revision on the end product, which I attribute as the most significant cause of evolving writing proficiency. However, as not everyone shares these same sentiments, I hope that I can help you value everything that the writing process has to offer.