Hi everyone! My name’s Gabby and I’m a senior Chemistry major at SU. 

For the longest time, writing always felt like something scary (and oftentimes boring) that I just had to get done and be over with. I struggled with the process so writing was never my favorite thing, despite the pride I felt of the finished product. Throughout my time in highschool and at SU, I have worked hard to figure out what my academic values are, and how to actually appreciate every part of the writing process from beginning to end. I began to really enjoy adding my own voice into my writing and seeing how others add in their voices. Writing can still feel like a challenge sometimes but it’s a good kind of challenge.

The mix of classes I’ve had during my time at Southwestern has shown me that I can enjoy writing things like lab reports just as much as I can enjoy writing papers in other disciplines like political science and religion. I strongly believe that writing is less about mindlessly getting a good grade and a lot more about effectively communicating what you desire/deserve to communicate with your unique voice, experiences, and knowledge. 

I look forward to helping you feel more confident as a writer and scholar here at SU (and beyond)!


Assistant Director and Consultant