For the longest time, writing always felt like something scary that I just had to get done and be over with. I struggled with the process so writing was never my favorite thing, despite the pride I felt of the finished product. During my last couple years of high school, I began to figure out what worked for me and how to actually enjoy every part of writing from beginning to end. I also began to really enjoy adding my own voice into my writing and seeing how others added their own voice. Writing can still feel like a challenge sometimes but it’s a good kind of challenge now.

The mix of classes I had during my first year at Southwestern showed me that I can enjoy writing things like lab reports just as much as I can enjoy papers and essays in other areas. Joining the Teaching and Tutoring Writing class in the Spring of my first year locked in my love for writing and made me even more excited to help others become better writers, enjoy writing a little more, and feel more confident with their writing. I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge of writing outside of the disciplines that I’m most familiar with and helping in any way I can with any kind of writing that comes my way.