Hi there! My name is Lydia, and I’m currently a senior English major at Southwestern. Following graduation this Spring I plan to pursue a career in publishing, working primarily in the area of Children’s and YA fiction.

For me, reading and writing have always been acts both of connection and introspection, a lens through which I have been better able to view the world and a language which has allowed me to interact with it. As a profoundly shy child, I often relied on my local library to introduce me to concepts and characters which would challenge and inspire me; to this day, one of my favorite aspects of literature is its ability to expose readers to the personal universes of others. I believe that just as reading allows us to gain insight into the place we live in and the people we live with, writing grants us the opportunity to more fully understand ourselves. It is a form of expression which is at once intensely individual and globally all-encompassing, and I am so excited to have the chance to share it with others.

My four years at Southwestern have allowed me to grow in experience with different forms of writing while also deepening my understanding of my own field. Most notably, I have participated in two semesters abroad–one in London, and one in New York–which have greatly impacted me. In London, I survived some of the most challenging academic writing assignments I’d ever faced in subjects I had little to no experience with, while in New York I spent my semester on the other side of the literary spectrum, working in-depth with fictional manuscripts. Though vastly different, I credit both experiences with helping me become a better writer and stronger assistant to others in the writing process. I’m excited to continue this growth during my last semester at Southwestern, and am looking forward to helping a new class of writers in whatever way they may need :)