Hello! Anna here. I’m a senior at Southwestern and am planning on double majoring in English and Computer Science. Writing and reading have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. In elementary school I used to write little stories about superheroes and circulate them around my classrooms, confident that I was building a steady fanbase among my eight year old peers. As I grew older I continued to pursue writing avidly, participating in National Novel Writing Month for several years, becoming a creative writing tutor on an online writing forum, and working as a technical writer for a small software company in Milwaukee, my home town.

Despite my love for creative writing, academic writing was a challenge for me when I was younger. I owe where I am now to my wonderful and encouraging high school teachers as well as the fantastic professors here at Southwestern. As a result of having so many people guide me over the course of my academic journey, I have a love for helping others with their writing. My double major, combined with several History, Art History, and Sociology courses at Southwestern, has exposed me to a wide variety of academic writing styles, and I’m always excited to learn more. I look forward to helping others grow as writers and growing along with them in the process!