My name is Ben Garcia, I am a senior here at Southwestern University studying for a History and Spanish double major. I have loved books ever since I can remember and grew up reading and rereading series such as Harry Potter and Ender’s Game. During High School, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be part of the International Baccalaureate program. In this program, I learned how to read and write critically with a strong focus on the fields of History and English. In fact, it was because of the IB program that I decided to pursue a History degree in college. Because of school my writing mainly focuses on non-fiction essays, but I enjoy fiction writing and am working on getting better at it.

I was drawn to the writing center because I love the challenge that comes with writing a paper. It is hard, and often times frustrating, work but nothing I have experienced in my academic career has been more rewarding than finishing and turning in a writing assignment that I am proud of. My hope is that I can help my fellow students at Southwestern experience this as well. Beyond that, I also look forward to working with students studying other disciplines. Even though my focuses are in the Humanities I enjoy being able to work with students from, and in the process learn about, the other areas of study offered at SU. No matter the subject, I am excited to meet you and help you with whatever writing challenges you may have run into.