Hi there! I’m Kate Davis and I’m a senior here at Southwestern University. I’m a double major in Psychology (BS) and English so I have experience writing both literary analysis as well as scientific writing. I have taken classes in almost every major at Southwestern and therefore have a lot of experience in almost every citation style and the odd rules of all the different disciplines.

I grew up reading and writing for fun and was always planning on being an English professor. When I went into high school, I entered into the International Baccalaureate program, a rigorous four year program that required intensive writing and reading in all major disciplines (English, Biology, History, Spanish, and Art). It was because of this program that I was able to experience and appreciate all different styles and requirements of writing and cultivated a love for writing that I carried with me into college.

The writing center was one of the reasons I attended Southwestern, and I always had plans to work here and try to help other students in their own writing. However, first I wanted to gain as much information on most disciplines so I could be the most help to other students. During my first two years of Southwestern, I took classes in Art History, Feminist Studies, Psychology, English, Biology, and Environmental Studies in order to try to learn as much as possible about the different ways of writing in order to improve my own writing skills. I now feel completely ready to help students in whatever writing style they need and hope that I can be a help to anyone, regardless of major and writing experience.