Hello! My name is Mark (or Marky) and at the moment I plan on majoring in Sociology and double minoring in Communications and Philosophy. Ever since I was little, my life has revolved around the arts. Growing up, music was always playing, my sister was always painting, and it was hard not to catch my mom with a book in her hand. So it is not a surprise that I have fostered a love for the arts and the humanities.

I had quite a diverse and intensive literary education growing up. My school focused heavily on the reading and analysis of literature for the purpose of also becoming a better writer and communicator. I have read works from all over the world and from just about any point in time, but I have personally discovered a love for 20th century existentialist authors such as Ernest Hemingway and Albert Camus. Many of the poems, short stories, and even academic papers that I have written were heavily inspired by their style. While in high school I also picked up on a lot of valuable skills concerning research, formatting, and developing a persuasive thesis/argument that has served me very well at Southwestern so far. Trust me, I understand completely the anxieties that come with writing a paper and I know how especially frustrating it can be to come to what feels like a dead end, but I would love to be there for you to help get over some of those hurdles by being a sounding board for your ideas and to help brainstorm with you what is best for you and your paper.