Hello! My name is Josh, and I am a senior at Southwestern.

I’ve been a news and non-fiction junkie since I learned to read; even when I was in elementary and middle school, I would read Yahoo! News and MSN obsessively! At SU, I’ve been able to channel my appetite for current events into the work I do for my majors - Philosophy and Religion - as well as into the work I produce for writing gigs I have at a few different publications. Most of my writing output is centered on political theory, which is no doubt a result of my childhood love for the news!

Since coming to Southwestern, I’ve found both of my majors, and the faculty of both departments, to be invaluable in my growth as a writer and a thinker. Each discipline demands complex and detailed analyses of texts, arguments, and ideas, forcing me to really think about what I say and what I write. Both majors have also allowed me to explore my love of politics.

Coming from a background of writing editorial and opinion articles, I’m a big proponent of the inclusion of individual voice in writing, and a big antagonist of the fancy-schmancy stylistic requirements that our essay style guide overlords impose on us. Writing is much less about rules than it is about expression, as cheesy as it sounds, and while it can be difficult to write the same way one speaks without being completely informal, it is not impossible to write quality essays while still including personality and flair!

In short, I like to help others channel their actual beliefs and voice into their work, while still working with the rules that professors and style guides set, so that their writing balances quality with a voice that is uniquely theirs.