My name is Maryam and I am a senior Biology major and Data Science minor. My experiences with writing actually began when I was in second grade. As a second grader, I believe that I wrote a poem or something of that sort in school and came back home with fervent, enthusiastic declarations that I would be a writer upon growing up.

Whereas my childhood aspirations for being a professional writer have not yet reached fruition, I think that my journey as a writer has been fraught with challenges, lessons, vulnerability, and uncertainty. Now, I have come to view the writing process as one of lifelong growth: growth as a writer but more importantly as an individual. I believe that each of my writing endeavors has not only enabled my growth as a writer, a critical thinker, and a reader, but also as a committed citizen, a thoughtful friend, and a caring individual.

As a writing consultant, I therefore aim to further my peers’ growth as well as my own as a writer and as an individual. I hope that my consulting endeavors engender camaraderie and fundamentally inspire meaningful conversation and development.

My personal strengths as a writer include my attention to detail, my conscientiousness, and my ability to engage with a multitude of disciplines (humanities, social sciences, and STEM). Certainly, I have significant experience with scientific writing, and I can provide advice with respect to writing a scientific paper. However, as a student at a liberal arts institution, I also have significant experience with the humanities and can help craft a thesis, structure a persuasive essay, and confer advice on style, voice, and organization. Ultimately, my hope is to make the writing process as deeply profound, engaging, and cathartic for you as it has been for me.