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Hoch Family Papers, Lillian Parks Steele Collection

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Lillian Parks Steele
Lillian Parks Steele Collection of Hoch Family Papers
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English, German

Processed by: Natalia Kapacinskas and Anne Sorenson
Date Processed: 05/2018

  • Lillian Parks Steele (1906-2003) was the daughter of Lillie Augusta Schwab and James Henry Parks. She worked to piece together her family history from the arrival of Valentine Hoch and James H. Schwab in Texas from Germany to her contemporary peers.

  • This collection has a variety of papers in relation to the lineage of Lillian Parks Steele, specifically the Schwabs and the Hochs. The papers include land documents and legal documents of the earliest immigrants in her family history, papers “in the matter of Josie Schwab,” bills, checks and receipts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and notes and a book draft written by Steele. There is also one folder that contains photographs and prints of various family members as well as one of the original Hoch home.

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    1.1 Land Documents, 1845, 1850, 1872, 1874

    1999 photocopy of 1874 land grant to Valentin Hoch

    1979 negative copy of 187u land survey of Hoch’s land in Comanche County

    1979 negative and positive copy immigration contract with Hoch’s signature from 1845

    1979 negative and positive copy of “Certificate 133” land promise to Valentine Hoch from 1851

    Typed transcription of above


    1.2 Assorted Legal Documents, 1856,1907

    Release of land agreement, C.W. Ordner to J.L. Mamerow in Lavaca County, 1907

    Stuck to above: county clerk receipt

    James H. Schwab and Mary Magdalina Hoch marriage certificate, 1856


    1.3 From “In the Matter of Josie Schwab” Envelope (1 of 2), 1895-1896, 1906-1907

    Note from E.H. Schwab to Price & Green with check from J.S. Schwab to Cunningham

    Note from E.H. Schwab on Price & Green stationary

    Bill of sale to J.S. Schwab for land in Yoakum

    Note to Ramsey for payment from H.W. Armstrong

    Memo of sale

    Empty envelope addressed to Price & Green

    Two notes by E.T. Clark to Mrs. Price and Green with one envelope

    Application of C.T. Schwab for guardianship of Josie Schwab

    Probate Bill of Costs for E.T. Clark

    Petition for examination of Ida Clark’s estate by E.T. Clark

    Notes on Ida Clark’s estate

    Attorney’s statements on E.T. Clark’s case

    Statements of distribution of Ida Clark’s estate to Mary A. Schwab

    Appraisal of estate of Josie Schwab

    Note to Price & Green regarding sale pertinent to Josie Schwab

    Note of sale of Josie Schwab’s land


    1.4 From “In the Matter of Josie Schwab” Envelope (2 of 2), 1908, 1913-1915, 1925

    Unsigned note to Mr. E.T. Clark about monetary transactions regarding Josie Schwab

    Application in estate of Josie Schwab by Mary Schwab regarding land purchase

    Various empty envelopes

    Probate Bill of Costs for Josie Schwab

    Loose sheet of court document

    Certificate of land ownership to jose (Schwab) Powell

    Various tax receipts

    Check to tax collector from G.T. Powell

    Note to Mr. Gentry Powell regarding Jose, from Aunt Ada

    Undated note of expenses


    1.5 Assorted Documents in Relation to Josie Schwab, 1905-1908, 1910, 1914

    Application for guardianship of Josie Schwab by E.T. Clark

    Grant of guardianship of Edwin T. Clark Jr. to E.T. Clark

    Multiple Probate Bill of Costs for estate of Josie Schwab

    Legal complaint against E.T. Clark by Mary A. Schwab

    Packet of legal papers in name of Mary A. Schwab

    Receipt from Price & Green for legal services to Mary A. Schwab

    Discharge of guardianship for Mary A. Schwab over Josie Schwab

    Two notes from lawyer to G.T. Powell


    1.6 Bills, Checks, and Receipts (1 of 2), 1895, 1898, 1903-1907

    Receipt for marble monument purchased by Ida Schwab

    Note to Price & Green from Baker

    Check to J.W. Armstrong from Mrs. Ida Schwab

    Notes on the matter of Ida Schwab’s payment

    Receipt from grocery for J.D. Schwab attached to postcard of Schwab home

    Receipt of $100 from Ida Schwab to C.T. Schwab

    Receipt of $100 from Ida Schwab to Price & Green with attached note

    Statement of sale

    Note from M.G. Remsey on account of Ida Schwab

    Checks to L.H. Schwab

    Check to Baker from Ida Schwab with note from Price & Green

    Packet of 12 checks from Ida Schwab

    Land survey

    Tax receipts, city of Yoakum

    Notes about land in estate of Ida Clark

    Final financial statement, expenses for Clarks

    Note to Price from E.T. Clark

    Notes and check to Price and Green

    Note from Price and Green about estate of Edwin T. Clark Jr.

    “List of conveyances” with envelope addressed to Ida Clark, deceased


    1.7 Bills, Checks, and Receipts (2 of 2), 1913, 1917-1921, 1923

    Various tax receipts

    Note to G.T. Powell from Steve Bennett

    Certificate of REdemption for Schwab

    Redemption receipt for G.T. Powell



    2.1 Photos, Prints, and Portraits, n.d., 1954

    Envelope containing image of Hoch home

    Large unidentified portrait, print (likely Valentine Hoch)

    Portrait of Martha Schwab Cunningham and baby

    Portrait of “Charlie Schwab’s Children”

    Portrait of Leonard Schwab

    Two unidentified portraits

    Portrait of Josie Schwab as infant

    Portrait of family of Theodore Hoch and Molly Schwab

    Photograph of Lydia Augusta Fell Zintgraff

    Print of drawn portrait of Mollie Hoch Clark

    Print of drawn portrait of “Clark”

    Photographic print of Christopher Fell

    Print of drawn portrait of Christopher Fell

    Portrait of Molly Cunningham Schwab

    Small portrait of “Aunt Martha”

    Small portrait of “Aunt Rose Bellamy” (with note from Joan Parks)

    Portrait of Theodore William Hoch (with note)


    2.2 Correspondence (1 of 2),1881-1882, 1895, 1905, 1907-1908, n.d.

    Letter from Martha Schwab to J.W. Schwab about smallpox

    Table of expenses

    Letters from J.P. Baker to Price & Green

    Letter from Kempner to Price & Green

    Letter from Morgan

    Letter from C.T. Schwab to Dan T. Price about Josie Schwab

    Letter from C.T. Schwab to Mary Schwab about Josie Schwab

    Letter from E.T. Clark to Price & Green

    Letter to J.S. Schwab

    Note to John Buchanan from Price & Green about recording fees

    Note from Dan Price to T.J. Kennedy about fees

    Note from T.J. Kennedy to Dan Price about payment

    Various envelopes


    2.3 Correspondence (2 of 2), 1959, 1977, 1979, 1982, n.d.

    Note “to the descendants of Valentine Hoch”

    Note from Gentry Powell to Lillian steel

    Invitation to 1979 Hoch/Flemming/McCullough/Schwab reunion

    Note from Edgar J. Poth to Lillian Steele

    Envelope addressed to Lillian Steele from D. Hoch

    Pages addressed “Dear Mark” from Ann Morgan


    2.4 Newspaper Clippings, 1931, 1936, 1959, 1977, 1978, 1999, 2003, n.d.

    Various news clippings (mostly death and funeral announcements)

    Funeral notice for Martha Cunningham

    Christmas card signed “Jerri and John”

    Birth announcement card, Lauren Elizabeth

    James H. Schwab printout from “Family Tree Maker”

    Valentine printout from “Family Tree Maker”


    2.5 Book Drafts and Research Notes by Lillian Parks Steele, n.d.

    Schwab lineage papers

    Hoch-Schwab lineage research by Elmo Schwab

    Genealogy notes

    Draft of chapter on James H. Schwab

    Photocopy of Texas and Texans pg. 1703

    Draft of chapter on Homesite

    Translation of church records about Hoch family

    Drafts of several chapters and preface

    Draft of chapter on “Hochheim and Madallion”

    Folder containing several draft sheets, acknowledgements section, and unsigned letter


    2.6 Publications, 1955, 1992

    Hochheim Prairie Mutual Fire and Storm Insurance Association Reporter, vol. 1

    Hochheim Prairie Farm Mutual Insurance Association “A Century of Service”