My name is Helena Lorenz, and even though it is my first year at the writing center, I am a senior here at SU. Since my freshman year, my career goals have been all over the map, but my major and my passion have remained the same: psychology. I am in love with the psychology program at Southwestern, and I am more than happy to answer any of your questions about the department.

My literary journey began at a young age, with the majority of my “toys” consisting of stacks and stacks of books. My passion for reading began in typical fashion with the Harry Potter and the Magic Treehouse series, and has since extended on into Dickens, Austen, Bryson, Sagan, and McEwan. However, my experience with writing has not been quite as smooth. In fact, for the majority of my academic life, I dreaded writing assignments. But few years ago I started journaling, and I slowly but surely started to enjoy writing. Every day, I simply jotted down all the good things things that had happened to me and all of the interesting people I had interacted with that day. By viewing writing not as a chore to be labored over, but as a pure expression my thoughts and feelings, I was able to fall in love with writing again. I hope to bring that newfound passion to the Debby Ellis Writing Center and to help you with whatever literary challenge you may be experiencing.