My name is Ella Doss and I am a senior psychology major. In addition to being a peer consultant at the DEWC, I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

My mom encouraged me to read from a young age; her love for books and reading led her to sing alphabet songs to me, read to me, and gift me books on birthdays, holidays and “just because.” Although my upbringing was largely centered around literacy, my attitude towards reading and writing was indifferent prior to coming to Southwestern. Because my past experiences with reading and writing were centered around preparing for exams and standardized assessments, I felt as if I were just going through the motions to receive a certain score or to meet a certain benchmark rather than for the purpose of exploring connections and formulating original insights. Visiting the Writing Center and getting feedback from my peers and professors during my first year at SU led my attitude towards writing to shift dramatically. Now, I fully recognize that the applicability and importance of literacy spans beyond the classroom and school assignments. I read and write not only because it is required, but also because I am eager to research and develop my own ideas and create meaning from topics learned in the classroom and relate them to my personal interests and passions.