My name is Madeline (Maddie), and before I was a writer, I was a reader.  I grew up in San Antonio, a city with currently thirty public libraries, and my local one was like a second home.  Early in my education, I learned how to simultaneously walk and read between classes and spent high school PE in the library.  It was at this arts magnet high school, in the Creative Writing Department and English courses, where I also developed a love for writing, particularly poetry and personal writing from which I find clarity.

I am currently a junior at Southwestern, and I joined the DEWC at the end of my first year.  I was drawn to the writing center because words have always been sources of strength and comfort for me, and I wanted to share in that with others.  Perhaps ironically, writing is also something I have struggled in feeling confident about, and it took a long time for me to recognize that I had been extending a compassionate eye to others’ work but rarely my own.  I hope that as a consultant I can help point out the strengths and beauty in your writing as others have done for me.

As a Feminist Studies and Sociology major and Communication Studies minor, I am most experienced with writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Outside of the DEWC, you can find me working in the Office of Diversity Education, making origami, riding my bike, doing yoga, and spending time with friends.