My name is Dakota Cortez and I am a junior anthropology and feminist studies major (with a race and ethnicity studies minor) here at Southwestern. As a kid, I was very eager to learn how to read and write and this enthusiasm has only continued as I have gotten older. I love to learn and I often find that writing is the best way for me to begin to think through and understand all of the ideas and theories in my head. As a DEWC consultant, I enjoy learning from other people and helping them to think through their own ideas. I understand that writing can be an overwhelming process for many people and, at times, anxiety-inducing. The DEWC; however, serves as a wonderful place to ease some of that anxiety, whether it be at the brainstorming stage or the conclusion stage, especially because students are able to come in and work with consultants who experience the same struggles with writing. It is especially valuable to me that the consultant-writer relationship is so equal and collaborative because students are able to feel more confident in their assignments and writing in general after working through some of their key issues with a peer. I enjoy working with papers from the social sciences and humanities, as well as helping students brainstorming, narrowing down ideas, and writing research papers.