Hey everyone! My name is Lydia, and I am currently a Junior here at Southwestern. I study English, with a minor in sociology. I have loved reading since I was just a second grader trying (and failing) to get through Little Women, but I believe my passion for English as a craft and art form began when I was in middle school. Whereas previously, I hadn’t been expected to write much other than the occasional essay, in seventh grade my teacher introduced our class to a creative writing unit. From my first draft, I fell in love. I had already had the experience of reading a book and recognizing myself in the characters—now, I got to create the same effect for other people. Writing, to me, is the ability to connect personal experiences with a global audience; it is the practice of turning intangible emotions into something real and relatable. Working at the Debby Ellis Writing center allows me to help others realize this same practice, and I could not be more excited about it. Because of my liberal arts focus, I believe my strengths lie in argumentative essays, building a thesis, and the stylistic elements of an essay (such as flow and voice) which make it unique to the author. However, I also have experience both writing and editing essays in the sciences and social sciences. No matter the topic, I hope to work with you to get your ideas on paper in the best way possible.