My name is Lilly Dennis and I’m a senior environmental studies major and feminist studies minor. I’m also a consultant here at the Debby-Ellis Writing Center! Though I arrived at Southwestern knowing I wanted to be an environmental studies major, I particularly hoped to take writing focused courses throughout my college experience, as I have always had an interest in and knack for writing. As a first-year, I was placed in an FYS called “Short Short Stories as a Social Commentary”; in this course we were asked to write “micro-fiction”―basically short stories under 750 words―that touched on social issues. I have always enjoyed writing essays for my classes, but hadn’t had much experience with creative writing prior to taking this course. I enjoyed my FYS and appreciated the opportunity it gave me to see a variety of writing styles, helping me to find my place in this realm. I prefer writing non-fiction, mostly argumentative papers, but appreciate the variety of interests that literacy allows us. I believe that writing, no matter what field of study one is a part of, is an important way to express one’s thoughts and beliefs; writing (especially with the help of the DEWC!) allows me to articulate my thoughts and beliefs clearly. When I’m not writing or consulting, I enjoy walking my parents’ dogs and the dogs at the Georgetown Animal Shelter, kayaking, hiking, collecting new plants, spending time with my wonderful friends, and working on my artwork!