At SU I’ve learned that the best way to evaluate your own understanding of a topic is to write about it.  In high school, I participated in the rigorous International Baccalaureate program where critical reading and writing were drilled into us.  Analyzing the various components of texts for their “significance” seemed tedious at first, but by my junior year I started to enjoy it and became particularly fond of my English and History classes.  I learned that writing is argumentation and I wanted to hone this skill to work towards my goal of becoming an attorney.  Having done well in my coursework for my major and minor (History/Race and Ethnicity Studies) my first few semesters at SU, I applied to work at the DEWC to become familiar with writing styles outside of my own discipline.  My favorite part of consulting at the writing center is that I get to approach peers as a generalist with limited knowledge about the content of their papers.  As a non-specialized reader, I can share my thoughts about your argument, use of evidence, and the flow of the paper, so that you can decide if your ideas are coming across the way you intend.  I’m best at helping with assignments from the Humanities and Social Sciences, and enjoy working with longer papers, personal statements, and outlining/planning research.


Assistant Director